Personal: Scrambling at Life

There are times when I feel like I’m a headless chicken, scrambling through life trying to find my way. Do you ever feel this way? Last week was a little tough. There were many things going on. I felt that it was way too many. It was difficult trying to find a balance between my career, my personal life, and my blogging life.

Before the two kids, it was easier. Well, a lot of things were easier back then. Now? It isn’t that it’s necessarily more difficult, but rather I find myself thinking that I’d rather spend most of my free time with the kids or with my family. My priorities have shifted. While I’m still driven by my career, it is no longer on top of my list. Do you ever feel this way?

The past week, I had to focus on work. There were things going on that I had to focus on. I spent a lot of free time at work, to handle my responsibilities. I left before my kids were awake and came home after they fell asleep. It was tough, but I knew that it wouldn’t be forever. But the mom guilt was strong, guys. So strong.

So during the weekend, I disconnected from everything else but my family. If I was on social media, it was to post pictures of the kids on Instagram. While my Instagram is public, it reflects my life. Not just the book part, or the family part, but all of it. It’s why I won’t really push Instagram as a platform to follow. I love my kids, and I’ll show them off, but I don’t expect you guys to think the same way.

Well thanks for letting me rant. I’ll be back this week. Last week was just bleh, and I’m really hoping this week gets better. I’ll still be busy, and I’ll probably still be like a headless chicken. But at least I’ll have a direction to scramble to.

I just finished Skandal by Lindsay Smith. LOVED. What are you reading?

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