Personal: Dear Me

For International Women’s Day, women across the globe wrote letters to themselves, their children, their people. Youtube even had a #DearMe campaign, where different YouTube celebrities wrote letters to their younger selves. I watched a few videos and saw it as an initiative to inspire and empower younger teens everywhere. If you’re interested, watch the videos here.

It had me thinking. What would I tell my younger self? What could I even say to the girl who was just trying to fit in? (Let’s face it, I was still trying to fit in, in my 20s.) And the more I think about it, I would want this letter to show what I would tell my two little ones.

IG 1 IG 3 IG 2 IG 5

Dear Me,

Love yourself unconditionally.

Hold your head high and embrace who you are. Others may see you differently, but you are just like them: a young person trying to figure things out.

Spend as much time with your family as you can. Don’t think that it’s uncool, because in the end, your family will be the only ones who will love you no matter what.

It’s okay “he” wasn’t the one. Your heart may be broken, but you will soon learn how to pick yourself back up and survive. And in the end, what you do after an emotional crisis is what really matters.

And don’t forget to love yourself.

Older you.

P.S. – Don’t fight wearing your glasses. You’re going to love it later on.

What would you tell your younger self?

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