Goodbye, 34. Hello, 35!

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Tomorrow, I will be 35. Tomorrow, I will begin another year of awesome.

Every year, I am always compelled to write/jot/type my thoughts down about the previous year. I always feel like I should reminisce and reflect, paying a tribute of sorts to all of the good and bad things that have happened.

My 34th year has been great and joyous. There have been a few down times, but they have definitely been overshadowed by all the positivity and awesomeness that this age has brought to me.

The 365 days that has passed between 34 and 35 have been eventful. And while I can list down all of things that have brought me joy and happiness, nothing beats the simple fact of loving myself and loving those around me.

I remember being much younger and thinking that being in the 30s was old. Well, look at me know. I am a woman who knows where I have been and where I am going. I learned that I was capable of so much more, and then some. There are still many things to accomplish, many things to learn, and definitely many, many things to see. I cannot wait to see my kids grow and to grow old with my husband.

Well, 35, here’s looking at you. Here’s to all of the things to come and the adventures that I’ll have.

My age may just be a number, but I see it as an accomplishment and an adventure.

One thought on “Goodbye, 34. Hello, 35!

  1. Hope your birthday was fantastic! Our birthday’s are close, but I’m never to excited about them these days 🙂 Love your pics!

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