Ramblings, Day 10

There are a few life changes going on, so that’s the reason for my absence on the blog and twitter. I’ve been focusing on these, but don’t worry I’ll be back soon. I’m re-prioritizing a few things, but more than anything, I just need to readjust to the changes.

By the way, I finished watching Downton Abbey’s season 2 over the weekend. Anyone else watch? Because I am obsessed. If you haven’t watched it already, they have season 1 on Netflix, and the season 2 episodes are on PBS. They only have 5 episodes on PBS. US showing is behind from the UK, but it’s still worth watching.

Have a great day guys!

One thought on “Ramblings, Day 10

  1. Hope things are settling down for you. Change can be difficult.

    I’ve wanted to try Downton Abbey, so thanks for the Netflix streaming tip 🙂

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