Weekend Reads

Superbowl is this weekend! I think I’ll be able to get some reading done before the fun fest on Sunday. Football is a big deal around my house. We’ll be at a barbecue, enjoying the awesome San Diego weather.

The 2012 Superbowl XLVI will be a rematch of Super Bowl XLII (2008), between NFC Champion New York GIants and AFC Champion New England Patriots. It will be a battle for the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday, February 5, at 6:30pm EST. This year, the Super Bowl will be hosted at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Ind and shown on NBC and online.

Aside from the game, I’m looking forward to the half-time show as well as the commercials. A few have leaked around the internet, but I’m most excited to see The Hunger Games trailer on the big screen. (Eeeep!) Since my team lost, I’m not sure who I’ll be rooting for on Sunday. Who are you rooting for? 

So, until the big day on Sunday, here’s what I’ll be reading. What will you be reading this weekend?


Fractured Light Immortal Beloved (Immortal Beloved, #1) Pure (Pure, #1) The Probability of Miracles

4 thoughts on “Weekend Reads

  1. I am going to be reading PURE this weekend too! I REALLY hope it’s good because I have pretty high expectations. I read one of Julianna Baggott’s previous novels and she is a talented writer and the story sounds captivating. I hope you enjoy! I will probably take much longer to read than you, so you can let me know what you think and what to expect =).

  2. I don’t know anything about the teams playing in the Superbowl, but I’ll be watching The Voice when the game is over lol.
    Pure sounds really good. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it.
    Have a great weekend 🙂

  3. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Immortal Beloved. I saw that at Barnes the other day and was curious about. And woo! Super Bowl is finally here. We’re heading out to a stadium tailgate. I’ll save some BBQ for you.

    Have a good weekend!

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