Ramblings, Day 7

There are so many things to be grateful for in life(or in books and writing since Book Chelle is a book blog), so why do I sometimes choose books that I know I won’t love?

I’m talking about LOVE love. Where you savor every word, and upon finishing the book, proceed to tell everyone you know they must read the book. Ya, that type of love. The love for a story that makes you glad you like to read.

You know what I mean, right?

But wait, I had a reading goal, didn’t I? This must justify why I chose a book that I didn’t love. This must also be the reason why I continued to read it until I finished. Hmm, it’s still January and I’m already feeling this way. That’s not good.

Okay, I’m going to alter my goal. (Reminder: Goal to expand my reading tastes.) I will choose a well liked book in genres I don’t normally read. At least this way, the probability of not liking a book is lessened. Especially if so many others rated it high. (This is why I like ratings, but that’s a conversation for another day.)

As someone who reviews books, I like to be honest. I like to continue reading a book because I want to tell people I know, and my readers, all about that book. Like many book bloggers, I get asked for book recommendations. Sometimes it’s just easier to give it a rating. Yes, I know. It’s not always that simple. There are other things to take into account.

But without all of that, the simple answer is whether or not you loved, liked, or hated the book. At least that’s how I gauge it for myself.

By the way, wow…I took a left turn and just went in a different direction. Don’t mind me, I’m sick. (send cookies!)

What is your threshold for reading? I mean, where is the fine line of love, like, meh, and hate for a book?

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