Ramblings, Day 4

I felt bad about something today, and I immediately wanted to escape into a book. I wanted to temporarily ignore my worries, and read about a magical place, far, far away. I know I can’t ignore the problem forever, but for that minute, I wanted to escape. I wanted to go to my happy place, even if it is just for a moment.

Do you ever feel that way?

Even when I was a young girl, I would escape into a book to get away. Whether if it was because someone was bullying me at school, or if my parents were arguing, books were a coping mechanism. It was so simple to open a book and go on an adventure to an island with the dolphins, or even cross the bridge to the magical Terabithia.

And when I had cancer? I retreated to books. But I suppose that was a little different from when I was a young girl. I remember not being able to do anything when I was undergoing chemo. I wasn’t allowed to go outside or see people, because I wasn’t allowed to be exposed to germs or anything of the sort (I had Hodgkin’s, which affected my immunity). I remember reading a million and one books to 1) pass the time, and 2) pretend I was surrounded with people.

My favorite genre to retreat to? Romance. Why? Because it almost always ended in a happy ending, or a happy thereafter. And it wasn’t just at the end, there was happiness throughout the book.

Do you retreat into a book? If so, what type of book do you like to retreat with?

3 thoughts on “Ramblings, Day 4

  1. A read a quote once that said something to the effect– “You read to remember or you read to forget.” For the last few years, its always been to remember legal terms, concepts or case names. The reading to forget, well, that had to give way to reading to remember– a lot.

    When I’m upset or really mad, I don’t usually retreat into a book, its usually music or food (which usually equates into the biggest burger possible).

  2. I listen to music when I’m angry. I usually can’t focus on anything, especially not reading. I lose my appetite when I’m hungry, so I can’t do that. So music is what helps calm me down.

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