Media Mondays

First of, Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all have your costumes ready for some trick-or-treating tonight! Growing up, I remember looking forward to this one night when my brother and I would dress up in our costumes and travel from house to house, asking for candy. I’m pretty sure we always stuck to the standard, “Trick or treat?!” chant when we knocked or rang the doorbell of our neighbors’ houses.

I also remember that our neighbors would be competitive with decorating for Halloween. There was one house in particular that always went all out. I mean full-on creepy and scary haunted house. It was awesome, but I’m sure when I was younger, I was pretty scared of that house.

And let’s talk about candy! There are so many amazing candy choices out there. Are you a pumpkin carrier or a bag carrier? I think I always had a plastic pumpkin with a handle. I don’t remember having a bag of some sort. I know now, they have a felt bag with a pumpkin design. But, back to candy. What were your favorites, growing up? I loved anything chocolate, of course! Snickers, M&Ms, Crunch…oh my, mini Crunch bars! Yum!

Staying in tonight? Here are some great books with a haunted flair, perfect for Halloween. I have to admit, I have tried to read some of these books, but I am a big chicken when it comes to scary stories. (And check after the jump for Momo and my costumes!)

 Halloween Picks

Frankenstein (Signet Classics (Paperback)) Something Wicked This Way Comes The Shining The Exorcist The Mammoth Book of Vampire Stories by Women

Well, as promised, here’s a picture of Momo’s Wonder Momo costume. I accompanied her as a Hipster Batgirl.


One thought on “Media Mondays

  1. You two are so cute! I tried reading The Shining once. I couldn’t do it either. It was bad enough that I was living by myself at the time. Too many creepy things. Happy Halloween to you and Momo!

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