News: Kindle loans out books to library readers

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Want to write in the margins of your library books? No problem, now that you can check out books on a Kindle app.Amazon announced that starting today, more than 11,000 libraries will be able to loan out Kindle books to readers.The Kindle library books will include all the e-reader’s signature features, including Whispersync, which automatically syncs up any digital notes, bookmarks, or highlights you might make — and even cooler, all of your notes will be available the next time you check out that particular title.
You don’t need to have an actual Kindle device, although you do need an account.Library books will be available via Kindle app for Android, iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, PC, Mac, BlackBerry or Windows Phone, as well as in their web browser with Kindle Cloud Reader.
Amazon lays out the whole borrowing process:Customers will use their local library’s website to search for and select a book to borrow. Once they choose a book, customers can choose to “Send to Kindle” and will be redirected to to login to their account and the book will be delivered to the device they select via Wi-Fi, or can be transferred via USB.
Books will be deleted from your device once the lending period (typically two weeks) is over.While the new lending capabilities are pretty exciting, only a fraction of Amazon’s digital titles will be available through libraries. Check your library’s website for availability and tell us about the selection!


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5 thoughts on “News: Kindle loans out books to library readers

  1. I am so excited about this and I guess I’m not alone! I went to my library’s site and there are tons of great titles for kindle except they are all listed as “join waiting list”. That’s a little frustrating, isn’t it? I’ll keep trying though. I love the new functionality.

    • My library doesn’t have this option yet, but I know they’re upgrading the system for it. I might check out another library in a different county and see if they have it available there.

      • Nah. I’m thinking about it, but there is no urgency. K4 (not the touch one) is actually worst than K3–half the hard-drive space & battery life. Oh well.

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