Library Adventures

Like a lot of you, my life is all about books. If it’s not buying or obtaining every book out there for my own personal collection, it’s probably talking to someone and geeking out about books. Do you daydream about characters from stories? Or how about imagining what things may be like past the happily every after?

Well now, my world fully revolves around books. Not only am I immersed in books in my free time, I am now immersed in books 24 hours a day. Yes, I said 24 hours. I most likely dream about the stories and characters. Doesn’t everyone?

This week kicked off my first week at the library. It feels surreal to be on the other side of the counter. I think it’s amazing that I can say that I am a part of the staff. It’s like having a secret power, knowing all the secrets that the books hold. Have you ever seen Night in the Museum with Ben Stiller? Ya, I feel it’s going to be like that. Well, I’ll never really be in the library after hours, but one can imagine!

I’m going to start talking about my library adventures. Hopefully, I can keep up with this and just talk about my daily adventures while at the library. What I hear, what I see…you know, people watching while at the library. I mean, my first task is the grunt work, but hey, I’m around books all day. I am not going to complain one bit.

Day 1 – 

My first day was all about familiarizing myself with the different sections. This is why I think that shelving is a good task for me. It gives me a chance to get to know the sections, the shelves, and other things in each department.

The first day was shelving books from the children’s section, or juvenile in my library. I started with juvenile picture books and worked my way up to juvenile picture books in Spanish. I know, it’s serious business, right? I got to see the different books that children are reading now as well as the different topics. Not only did I put the books back, I lined them up to look orderly. Now I know what you’re thinking, “You’re in the kid’s section. It will be messed up the next time you turn around.” And you are probably right. But it still felt nice to have it look organized, even if it was just for a moment.

Day 2 –

My second day at the library consisted of organizing the magazines and newspapers in the periodicals section. I always knew there were a lot of magazines out there, but wow…a library holds a lot!

So many magazines about different topics, some that I wouldn’t even think warranted a regular periodical. It was interesting to me to see the different covers, glance at the topics advertised on front, and just guess what it’s about. I didn’t have time to browse through any of them because I had to reorganize, stack, tidy, and everything that is imaginably tedious with this task.

Then I rinsed and repeated for the Spanish periodicals.

This took a large portion of my day at the library, but I was able to help out a few people. One that stood out was helping a little 10 year old find a book for a book report. Looking at his list brought me back to his age and my first reactions to the books. His book of choosing? The Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell.

I know, epic book, right? I told him a short synopsis of it, but I amped it up so that he could get excited about it. I felt like I did my job when I heard him say, “Wow, dolphins seem cool,” as he walked away.

So far, this has been the best job I have ever had.

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