Personal: 25 Things About…Me

Floating around the internet, specifically Facebook, there’s a thing called 25 Random Things. Since I am official and have my own dot com, I thought I’d celebrate with sharing a bit about myself.

I hope I don’t bore you and I hope we’ll still be internet friends.

If you know me personally, or have communicated with me online, in some form or way, then some of these things may not surprise you. Either way, I hope that this is entertaining. When I started Book Chelle, I didn’t do a proper introduction to the world. I suppose it’s a little too late for that, anyhow. Maybe I’ll talk about my story over a cup of coffee, or tea, some other time.

25 Random Things

1. My number one will almost always be, I had cancer and I kicked its ass. A day shy of my 21st birthday, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease. It was an amazing journey filled with so much love from a wonderful support system. I will never forget that whole experience.

2. I love and am obsessed with the number 8.
M + i + c + h + e + l + l + e = 8 letters. See? Obsessed.

3. I am a sucker for romance. Call me a romantic if you will, but just not to my face. I cry at the moments that media moguls live for. Sappy music paired with a “moment?” Ya, I’m all over that. Although, I have yet to watch The Notebook.

4. I have been heartbroken twice. One was a romantic relationship and one was not. Friends, in any sense of the word, are something that I cherish. If I am your girlfriend or best friend, I do not take that lightly. So if I am your friend, then yes, I will wear my heart on my sleeve for you.

5. Michelle is not my full first name. It is Michelle Jona, and I have heard stories that Jona was inspired by Jonathan Livingston Seagull. See? I was meant to be around books.

6. I have a brother. A younger brother, by eighteen months. I love him. I wish that my relationship with him was as close as it used to be. We all grow up, and sometimes we grow apart as well.

7. I love purses. Obsession? Vice? An out-of-control hobby? Yes, yes, yes! I have no prejudices about brand or price. If I can’t stop admiring it or if I can’t stop coveting it, then I’m going to love it. Plain and simple.

8. In my other life, I was a business analyst. Started as peon and worked my way up. Hard work and determination will always win.

9. I am very empathetic. To anything. I will cry over anything if I’m connected to it in some way. Really. Don’t even get me started on those ASPCA commercials. GAH.

10. I was born in 1980. So while some people may think that I am in my 20s, I am actually in my 30s. I still get carded. It gets annoying sometimes, and other times it’s amazing.

11. Ever since June, since I moved to San Diego, I can now say that I have lived up and down the coast of California. So I suppose I really am a California girl.

12. Even having said what I did about #11, I was born in the Philippines. I do not have an accent because I migrated over when I was really young. Hah, migrated. I am a part of a flock…of seagulls! (See what I did there?)

13. When I was younger, I used to read books under the blanket with a flashlight. I still do this sometimes. I guess that’s why I wear glasses, too.

14. I have big feet. And I’m short. So cruel.

15. Growing up, I wanted to be a marine biologist. This is why I love the aquariums so much.

16. I know how to play the piano and the violin. Well I did, anyway. It has been so long since I’ve touched a piano or a violin. So please, no requests. I was in the orchestra for a season, but I because so self-conscious that I quit right after that.

17. I am shy. Well…that’s not true. It’s probably more accurate to say that I have stage fright.

18. I am clumsy. I don’t drop things, or anything like that, but I do run into walls and on occasion have been known to hit a doorknob…or two.

19. I love cake. And cookies. And ice cream. Okay, I love dessert.

20. I am a nerd, and am proud of it. I love computers, books, video games, and other nerdy aspects of the word. You can find me at the nearest computer or wi-fi hotspot near you.

21. I love my Kindle and every e-book that is a part of my collection.

22. I used to be able to tell the brand of coffee from taste alone. I haven’t in a while, but it was a cool trick.

23. I can be OCD. Especially about my writing. You should see the amount of post-its around my desk. Haha, it’s sad really.

24. I have a dog, Momo. She is a Shiba Inu and is really smart. Want to see pictures? Caution…crazy pet owner collection behind the link.

25. I have an amazing boyfriend. I have known him for over 10 years and have only been dating for a fraction of that. He is truly supportive. It’s also great that he supports my addictions and obsessions.


Well, I hope that wasn’t too much of a bore. Geez, I wrote a little more than just random tid bits. Epic biopic, anyone? Hah.

Thank you for reading Book Chelle and being my friend. Here’s to many more awesome moments to come.

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