Media Mondays: Authors in Social Media

Social Media has been a great tool in connecting with authors, fellow bloggers, and fellow book readers. For those of you who do not know, social media refers to the use of web-based and mobile tech to turn communication into an interactive dialogue. For some it’s a form of networking, for others it is a form of marketing. While it could be a form of the previously stated, for me, it is a form of communication to authors and others that I admire.

It is a tool to connect to those previously thought unreachable. A definition of media can be deemed as an instrument of communication. Perfect.

A great example of that would be Twitter. I originally used Twitter as a form of mini-blogging. I would be able to rant, praise, enthuse, whatever in 140 characters or less. When I started, it didn’t matter to me who read it or who followed. All I wanted to do was speak my mind in short bursts. It’s like thinking out loud, but to the internet.

Now? Twitter has been a great way to connect to a number of people, all who were just like me! I could find and relate to a number of people, from all over the world, and we could talk about books, movies, music…the sky is the limit. Within the past year or so, I have been able to communicate with authors. I have been able to give them feedback and praise for their books, as well as see them through their writing process. I have been able to reach out to publishers and get first hand information on new and upcoming books.

Another great example of social media are blogs. Blogger, WordPress, and Livejournal are examples of blog hosts that everyone uses. I fancy reading about the adventures of authors and their journey to their completed book. To me, it’s interesting and inspiring. There is no longer a glass wall between the author and I. There is no longer an imaginary pedestal where the author stands on. Now, the author and I are similar in ways that I have never fathomed.

Tumblr? Another form of social media, sharing and showcasing thoughts through pictures, art, advertising; anything that is eye candy for your soul. Authors also have Tumblr. Awesome, right? It’s like another string that connects us, the reader, to them, the awesome writers.

Now, through Twitter and blogs, I have realized that the author is just like me.

How amazing is that?

Social media has allowed me to connect with my favorite authors. It has allowed me fully appreciate the love and labor that goes into every book that is published. It has allowed me to greatly respect the work that they put into their work as well as those of the publishers and the marketing team. It has allowed me to take a glimpse into the coveted closed-door.

How has social media affected your life? Any authors that you connect with through social media?

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