Media Mondays

I saw Captain America: First Avenger on Friday, and I will say that I enjoyed it. I am a fan of comic books in general, but I must admit that I was not an avid reader of this series. I only passed by it if it crossed over any of the X-Men series. I know, I know. I should give back my nerd card now, right?

Next to the Iron Man movie series, this would have to be my next choice in the superheroes movie category. While there was evidence of creative license, the movie franchise did a fantastic job staying true to the key ingredients while making the rest updated to appeal to today’s consumer.

In this movie adaptation, Chris Evans stars as Captain America, a fictional superhero from Marvel comics. Captain America is the alter ego of Steve Rogers, a  frail young man who was enhanced to the peak of human perfection by an experimental serum to aid the United States war effort.

If you have not seen Captain America: The First Avenger yet, please turn away for I will be talking about a few things that happen throughout the movie. So yes, this is full of spoilers

I feel that this was a decent adaptation to the Captain America storylines. There were homages paid to the comic books, the 70s tv show, and etc.

From what I remember, and what others tell me, Chris Evans portrayed a really good version of his comic book counterpart. The fantastic thing about movie magic is the special effects that can be done to enhance what is seen on-screen. In the first part of the movie, movie magic gave Steve Rogers his sickly, scrawny, and weak characteristics with his small body frame. What resonated from the beginning, all the way to the end, was Rogers’ compassionate and wholesome personality that made him the perfect candidate for the super serum.

The next thing that stands out is the costume of Captain America. There were fantastic representations of the costumes used throughout the life of Captain America. First was the version used during the USO tour, which paid homage to the original costume and shield. Next is the costume used while Captain America prepares to go behind enemy lines. This costume is worn by Ultimate Cap and pays homage to The Ultimates. His last and final costume pays homage to both the World War II costume worn by Ultimate Cap and the original costume designed by Jack Kirby.

Some of the other differences were the Hydras versus the Nazis, Peggy Carter being British (movie) versus being French (comic book), and Bucky’s lack of sidekick scenes. I am disappointed that the movie didn’t touch on the background stories of any of the characters, especially Captain America. I supposed you couldn’t fit everything in the 2-hour time frame, but I wanted a bit more information.

It’s still a great movie, in my opinion, especially with Chris Evans as the front man.

2 thoughts on “Media Mondays

  1. It is a movie about the development of steroids in the 40s. Nowadays, steroids & various methods of delivering it intravenously are so advanced people don’t need super machines/computers/pods to administer the drug. I kid.

    The movie was average to me, but that’s only because I don’t fancy Captain America. Lame costume, lame superpowers, lame arch-nemesis (see a pattern?)–just lame. I’m more a Spider-Man/X-Men/Superman type guy.

    Go review A Dance with Dragons. =D

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