Media Mondays: True Blood

Last night was the season 4 premiere of HBO’s True Blood, based on Charlaine HarrisThe Southern Vampire series. This season will be loosely based on Harris’ fourth book of the series, Dead to the World. Now, we all know that ever since the first season, True Blood has deviated from the books. Personally, I like the changes that the writers and producers have done to the show. They definitely have taken the direction of the series in a way that has fans, new and old, on the seat of their pants.

But before we talk about season 4, let’s recap on season 3. If you haven’t watched season 3 or 4, turn away now, because it’s going to be spoilers galore.

Season 3 of True Blood had left a lot of questions hanging, filled with double crosses, left and right. Terry had a breakdown, which shouldn’t really be a huge surprise. It is Terry after all. Lafayette now has visions thanks to hunky Jesus. Oh, and Jesus is a witch now? He was too good to be true. Hoyt had an intervention from dear mother and Summer, but it backfired and it resulted in a marriage proposal to Jessica. Jason warned the residents of Hot Shot, giving Felton time to escape with Crystal. And where does this leave Jason? That’s right, he’s in charge. Tara left Bon Temps after Sam came out to her as a shapeshifter. To add salt to that supernatural wound, she had learned that her mother was having an affair with the church minister. Eric was dying in the sun right next to Russel. Sookie saved Eric, and reluctantly, Russell after Eric insisted. Eric and Bill buried a silver chain wrapped Russell in concrete, and for the twist, Bill turned on Eric and buried him too. But if you thought that Eric was going to stay buried, you underestimated him and his trustworthy Pam. We also learn that Bill had been a lot less candid in his motives for having a relationship with Sookie.

That’s pretty much it, in a nutshell.

Okay, here are spoilers for Season 4, so please turn away if you haven’t watched last night’s episode.

Okay? Okay.

Season 4, “She’s Not There,”  starts off with a glimpse into faery world, where Sookie is transported and reunited with her long-dead grandfather. The faeries have lied to her and she and other humans are in danger. And just when you’re just telling yourself that maybe Sookie might just get some peace and quiet, she is attacked. Sookie does manage to escape back to Bon temps. What seems like a short amount of time in the land of faeries was actually a time jump of one year. Lafayette stated that it had been 10 months since he touched anything magical. Jesus  convinces Lafayette to attend a witch’s coven meeting. This introduces the coven’s leader, Marnie. Hoyt and Jessica are living together, but has her lusting after humans. Jason is still protecting the were-panther community and has also blackmailed his way into becoming the sheriff’s deputy. But then he is betrayed and is locked in a freezer.  Tara has a new life in New Orleans with Toni and has a new lover, Naomi. Bill is the new King of Louisiana, which I didn’t see coming. Eric bought Sookie‘s house, so Sookie now belongs to Eric.

What a way to start the season, huh? How everything played out kept me constantly anticipating the next scene. It doesn’t solve all of the questions that season 3 had you asking, but it was definitely a good way to start. The writing, the acting,  and the directing has definitely been kicked up a notch or two. There are so many levels of dimension that each actor has brought forth towards their character. Despite what some of my qualms may be about the last season, it seems that this season of True Blood will not only redeem itself, but also keep it’s future as one of the shows that I will be obsessed with.

So tune in with me next week, Sunday at 9:00pm, on HBO to watch True Blood.

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