Alpha Showdown Round 1: Wrath vs. Bones

What’s better way than to start with an Alpha Showdown of paranormal leads? Vampire Book Club was kind enough to let me champion for Wrath from Black Dagger Brotherhood over at VBC.

The ladies at VBC have narrowed it down to 16 strong leads. All with their own attributes, strengths, and weaknesses and all with a reason to love them. Each day is a new match-up and each poll is open for 48 hours. So readers, head on over to this link and vote for your favorite alpha!

“We ask you to vote. We told you it was coming. Now, we’re ready to start the big battle. Oh yes, it’s time for the 2011 ALPHA SHOWDOWN! We’ve narrowed the field to 16 ass-kicking men and women (supernatural and human alike), and now it’s in your hands. Each day we’ll post a new battle — with some of our favorite bloggers championing for those alphas in the running — and then leave it up to you, readers, to vote for the winner. Each poll is open for only 48 hours. Then, the champion will advance to the next round until only one alpha remains.”

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