Book: Tithed

TithedTithed by Megan Hart

Publisher: Samhain Publishing Ltd
Publisher: January 31, 2011
ISBN: 1609283554
ISBN-13: 9781609283551

Synopsis: He loves her, or he loves her not.

There’s only one way to find out— take a chance.

For most people, Arithmancy is no more than a jumble of numbers. For Somnus Keep instructor Elspeth Valerin, those numbers are her refuge, her passion. Her magic—her only magic since a painful incident from her past cripples her ability to unlock the inner power of the thrall.

Today her calculations indicate change is in the air. That’s not what she smells when she enters The Slaughtered Lamb, though. She smells ale. Smoke. And when she catches a glimpse of the owner of the Lamb, memories.

Tonight there’s a new face among the regulars in Connell Byrne’s pub. The woman he once loved with all his heart—before she left it in pieces. And one thing hasn’t changed: she is still clearly—inexplicably—afraid of him.

Elspeth’s heart is racing. That she and Conn are here at this moment means her numbers were right. Beyond this moment, though, is a fate she cannot comprehend. The one equation she’s never been able to calculate. The one outcome she cannot control—love.

This title has been previously published under the title Everything Counts.

Warning: Star-crossed lovers who need a little push to fully understand the phrase, “The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” Explicit sex with enough steam to prove the Chaos Theory.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I needed something light and full of fluffy romance, so I decided to read Tithed by Megan Hart. Hart always delivers the romance, and most often than not, the steamy scenes. Even though this was a short story, Hart delivered what I expected out of her books.

Elspeth is an instructor for Arithmancy. In this world where magic is possible, she struggles with being a fraud. She has worked extra hard to reach a level of competency, where she would normally not need to if she achieved her thrall. After all of the hard work she has put in recently, spring break has finally given her, and the instructors, a chance to rest. So on a whim, she decides to go down to the pub for a drink of ale with the fellow instructors. A painful past has blocked her from reaching her full potential and unbeknown to her, the key to unlocking her power is the one thing that she never thought could be. And that one thing just walked through the pub door.

I loved the story more than I loved the characters individually. But, I blame the short length of this novella for that. I could see the potential that this story could have had, if it was only extended. I felt that I couldn’t really get to know the characters that well. I only saw a glimpse of who Elspeth really was. She is determined, but full of guilt and remorse.

If only this was a little bit longer.

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