Celebrate National Library Week

Celebrate National Library Week this week (April 10-16, 2011)!

The library has played such an important role throughout my life. My mom used to bring me and my brother to the library, as early as I can remember, and let us explore and choose books on our own. She never really told us we could not read a book. She gave us free reign (in the children’s section) to make our own decisions about our literary choices, likes, and dislikes. I remember participating in the reading corner with the library staff and getting lost in the story being told at the moment. I also remember seing all of the colorful banners, the beautiful book displays, and even the different literary showcases that week or month. We were not rich growing up, nor did we have much space in our house, so the library was the perfect way to read a new book. To me, that library card meant everything.

A library isn’t just a building. To me, a library is one of the original introductions to books. Even in school, they would give you time to go to the library and discover the words being the covers. Just like me, I am sure there are other people who benefit from the services that the library provides. And just like others, I am sure that there are people who do not even have a clue.

So pay your library a visit. Visit www.ala.org and see if you can help the library system in a different way.

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