Book: Friendly Fire

Friendly FireFriendly Fire by Megan Hart

Publisher: Carina Press
Publish Date: March 21, 2011
ISBN: 1426891407

Synopsis: DEA Agent Kendall Frasier doesn’t want to see the man who shot and killed her partner. Zane Vincent wants to forget about the bust gone bad and the man he killed. When both officers arrive at the same tropical island for a department-regulated vacation, more heats up than just the sand and sun. Will they let their past prejudices keep them from giving in to their mutual attraction, or will Zane and Kendall both succumb to a little Friendly Fire?

My rating: 3 of 5 starsI have always liked Megan Hart books. They are always well written and she always brings the romance. This story is no different.

Kendall and Zane are two agents who both experienced a tragedy while on assignment. They are brought to a secluded island, with other agents, to accomplish one thing – to cope, to relax, and to getaway. What these two don’t expect is to fall for one another.

The author brings on a quick romantic roller coaster full of moans, groans, oohs, and aahs. I only wish that the story was longer. Because it was a novella, the story went by fast. The issues Kendall and Zane have with each other are addressed quickly, maybe unrealistically fast. Either way, Even if it was quick, it was enough to leave you satisfied and begging for more.

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